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Building a high growth startup is not an easy task - but thankfully, you're not in it alone!

This page has resources and organizations exclusively for Dallas' growth startups

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What's a Growth Startup?

If you are trying to figure out if your venture is a Growth Startup, it might help to explore some common characteristics of growth companies:

Big Plans for Expansion

Growth Startups plan to serve a target market greater than $500m, meaning they will need to expand nationally or globally

Growth over Profitability

When building a Growth Startup, you need to capture as much market share as possible, meaning that growth is prioritized over bottom-line profitability

Plan to Exit Within 3-7 Years

Since most Growth Startups take venture capital financing, they have plans to "Exit" via acquisition or IPO within 3-7 years, in order to return money to investors
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Here are a select few Organizations that work with Growth Startups in Dallas. To see all of them, head over to the Organizations page, and use the Startups filter
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Here are a few Resources for Growth Startups in Dallas. To see all of them, head over to the Startup Resource Hub.
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