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Building a Stronger Dallas

B.U.I.L.D makes it easy for any entrepreneur, freelancer, or creative to find the resources that can help them move their venture forward. Whether you are building a high-growth startup or a community movement, you can find resources and organizations to support you.

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Our Mission

We know how time-consuming it can be to search through a ton of lists to just find 1-2 programs that fit your needs. That's why we gather information about every resource in Dallas in one place, helping you find exactly what you need.

Increase Access to Resources

Do you need help getting your idea of the ground, or scaling your existing venture? Explore incubator programs that can help you launch & scale

Support Diverse Founders

Whether you are looking for grants or venture capital, you can explore all funding options that Dallas has to offer

Connect the Ecosystem

Need to find a coworking space, makerspace, studio space, kitchen space, office space, or any other type of space? Dallas Builds can help.
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Whether you're an entrepreneur, a mentor, an investor, a business support organization, or a community member, making a profile lets you get the most out of B.U.I.L.D.
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The Resource Explorer will help you find resources based on your venture type, stage, needs, and more. Use filters to find the perfect resource for your startup, small business, or nonprofit.
Meet the Ecosystem
There are hundreds of Organizations dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs in Dallas. Explore them based on which resources they provide on B.U.I.L.D., and then get in touch!
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